Hi. My name is Liam and I’ve decided to put together a food blog.

Do we really need another food blog? Probably not. But here it is anyway…

I love food so much that I’m going to tell everyone about it. Count on reading about things that I cook in the kitchen, places I go out to eat, food experiments at home and how food influences my travelling.

I’m not a chef. I have no training. I know little about cooking, flavours, kitchens and have zero experience in food or hospitality. It’s unlikely I’m going to teach you anything and I can’t see myself being called up to feature on some celebrity’s cooking show… But does any of that really matter?

What matters is getting people excited about food. One of the most painful things for me to hear is that someone doesn’t really like food, or finds eating one of those things they just have to do to survive. They’re missing out. You know it. I know it.



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